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The Soccer Profile Camp is suitable for Girls and Boys from 5-18 who play at an elite level, or aspire to do so. Recreational players are welcome should they have a strong desire to improve and develop their soccer literacy. 


The camp will consist of a four-day program featuring daily three-hour development sessions focusing on a different technical assessment each day. All participants will undergo an assessment relevant to the day's learning focus.

Technical Skill Development

The camp focuses on developing technical skills, with each day featuring a different technical assessment. Participants will undergo assessments that are relevant to the day's learning focus, providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills in a structured environment.

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Exposure to Professional Coaching

The coaches involved in the camp will attend a workshop before the camp to ensure they are fully informed of their roles and responsibilities, providing participants with the best possible learning experience.

Increased Game Understanding

Participants will learn how to improve their tactical understanding of the game by focusing on a variety of technical assessments. This will help them to make better decisions on the field and improve their overall game awareness

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Physical Conditioning

The camp includes daily three-hour development sessions, providing players with an opportunity to improve their physical conditioning. This will help them to develop endurance, speed, and agility, improving their overall performance on the field.

Exposure to Different Styles of Play

Participants will have the opportunity to interact and play with players from different backgrounds and levels of experience. This will help them to develop a broader understanding of the game and learn from their peers' different playing styles.


Top players will be invited

to play vs. EPL Academies

Both of our Head Coaches have deeply entrenched relations with the Premier League having coached, managed, played, and captained at the highest levels of soccer in our game. 

We will be taking at least one full squad of players from Toronto to play vs. the academies of two EPL teams as well as 2 elite regional clubs.


Overall, attending the Soccer Profile camp will provide players with a comprehensive development program that will enhance their technical, tactical, and physical abilities. It will also expose them to professional coaching and different playing styles, preparing them for a successful future in soccer, and provides the opportunity to play in England against some of the best young academy players in the world.

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